Dr. Shinpaku

Clinical doctor

My name is Dr. Shinpaku and I am a physician with more than 10 years of experience. My specialty is Respiratory Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Currently, I am also involved in the treatment of new coronavirus infections. Recently, I have expanded my interests to include preventive medicine, digital health, telemedicine, AI, beauty, health, and sleep.
After graduating from medical school at a national university, I worked at teaching hospitals, university hospitals, and general hospitals. I also conducted medical research in graduate school and contributed to the development of medical knowledge. I have also been involved in the education of residents and young doctors, and am interested in communicating in an easy-to-understand manner.
・ Specialist in General Internal Medicine, Specialist in Respiratory Medicine, Doctor of Medicine
・ Respiratory diseases, infectious diseases (from new coronavirus infections and colds to specialized infectious diseases), asthma, allergies, cancer, sleep apnea syndrome, AI diagnosis, online medical treatment, telemedicine


Digital Health
U.S. eHealth Journal

Vol. 75 (Issued at 2022/11/22)

ジャーナル77号のトピックは、Theranica(ニューロモジュレーションによる片頭痛治療)、TrialSpark(臨床試験被験者登録支援)、Rock Health(投資トレンド分析)、Ro(DTCテレヘルス) など

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