Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #23)

The Second Part: iCARE, Creating the Health of Workers Around the World

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"Carely" Offers Enhanced Services Through Multiple Perspectives and Support

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Source: iCARE Co., Ltd.

In the second part, the specific services offered by “Carely” by iCARE Co. Ltd (hereafter “iCARE”) and my views as physicians will be shared.

When I interviewed Dr. Yota Yamada, CEO of iCARE and an industrial physician, he made the following comments. “iCARE are conscious of the fact that we can support our clients, companies, in efficiently managing their Health and Productivity Management (hereafter, ‘H&PM’) by introducing ‘Carely,’ while keeping unnecessary costs low.” 

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CEO of iCARE Co., Ltd., Yota Yamada M.D.
Source: iCARE Co., Ltd.

As he said, I think that no matter how convenient the system may be, it is undesirable if it is not cost-effective and only adds to costs, putting pressure on management. 
What kind of services does “Carely” support H&PM efficiently? The following is an explanation.

Primary Services Provided by “Carely”
1. Streamlining of Medical Checkup Operations
We have heard from patients that the results are only posted after medical checkups. The details are not explained even if there is an abnormality, leaving the examinee struggling to deal with the situation afterward. In addition, the results of medical checkups taken by patients with abnormalities are, at best, only the results of the past two years on a piece of paper. 

“Carely” not only automatically identifies high-risk individuals based on the results of medical checkups, it can also determine their overall health status by combining the results of overwork and stress checks, etc., so that recommendations for reexamination are not missed, and industrial physicians can quickly and efficiently make employment decisions. It allows for quick and efficient employment decisions to be made by industrial physicians. Another feature of this system is that it enables personnel in charge of human resources and general affairs to visualize the company’s health management status, including the status of employee medical examinations and interviews with industrial physicians.

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“Management screen TOP where health risks are visualized” 
Source: iCARE Co., Ltd.

2. Mental Health Prevention and Measures
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to telework, the number of people suffering from stress has increased, and mental health prevention and countermeasures are becoming more important. In addition to consideration to prevent overwork, stress checks, and interviews with industrial physicians, and online consultation environment is established with the support of professionals such as public health nurses and clinical psychologists.

With the increasing number of teleworkers, I found it very user-friendly to be able to consult online. The mental health in the hospital where I work only has a mechanical stress check once a year. We are facing a big issue in the mental health of medical professionals, and I hope that introducing a system like “Carely” will help improve it.

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“Professionals-HR-Employee Message Room” Source: iCARE Co., Ltd.

3. Promotion of H&PM PDCA
I think that some companies want to promote H&PM but do not know what to do.

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