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The first part: Medmain that Creates a World where Necessary Medical Services Can Be Accessed Anywhere, Anytime with AI

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Challenges for Pathologists Solved by “PidPort,” Pathology AI Analysis Solution


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As a respiratory physician, I am often assisted by pathologists. I have pathologists diagnose various specimens, such as lung tissue, pleural effusions, and pleura biopsied during bronchoscopy, and link their diagnosis results to treatment. For example, in the diagnosis of lung cancer, treatment is determined based on the diagnosis confirmed by pathologists, including determination of the histological type of the cancer, immunostaining for that purpose, search for various cancer gene mutations, and evaluation of PD-L1 which is an indicator for the immunosuppressant administration. These are very important roles. Nowadays, new drugs for genetic mutation-positive patients are being developed and approved day by day.

In addition, interstitial pneumonia is diagnosed from biopsy specimens obtained by bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, or cryobiopsy*¹ to determine the difficult disease type.
This diagnosis requires multi-disciplinary discussion (MDD) in which diagnosis is not made only by pathologists but also through discussion with clinicians and radiologists.

There has been a shortage of pathologists in recent years, which has placed a heavy burden on doctors in pathological diagnoses. Thus, a solution utilizing technology is expected. To solve the situations, Medmain Inc. has developed and provided “PidPort.” This product enables super-precise and prompt presentation of analysis results and online pathological diagnosis, such as remote pathological diagnosis, through pathology AI developed by deep learning. 

“Imaging Center”
Source: Medmain Inc.

The company's “PidPort” is a system that has the following three major features.

  1. Super-precise and prompt presentation of analysis results by pathology AI
  2. Support for remote pathological diagnosis, consultation, conferences, and educational research
  3. Digital storage of pathological specimen data

Besides “PidPort,” they also provide a scanning service called “Imaging Center” that digitizes pathological specimens.

Research on pathology AI is progressing overseas, and I have researched several papers and products on pathology AI.

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