Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #19)

The second part: T-ICU, Providing High-Quality Intensive Care Remotely

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High-Quality Intensive Care Remotely Made Possible by Technological Innovations


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In the U.S., tele-intensive care started 20 years ago, and currently about 20% of ICUs are managed remotely, resulting in a 26% reduction in mortality. It is "Relieve” of T-ICU that brought this model of tele-ICU to Japan. This service is expected to reduce mortality rates, curb medical costs, and ease the burden on medical personnel. In addition, T-ICU also offers a remote monitoring system “CLOSE-BY,” attracting attention as a COVID-19 measure.

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Source: T-ICU Co., Ltd

In the second part of this article, we will continue to focus on this T-ICU technology and share the interview with Mr. Fuminori Toyama, General Manager of Technology Management Department and Director of T-ICU.

Q1: What technological innovations did you make to address the challenges you are working on?
Mr. Toyama: We chose today's most common and readily available technologies to avoid unnecessary costs.

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Mr. Fuminori Toyama, Director of T-ICU Co., Ltd
Source: T-ICU Co., Ltd

Q2: How did you develop these technological innovations? Would you tell us about any difficulties you encountered in the process?
Mr. Toyama: We applied products used for non-medical purposes and added only the necessary features carefully examining them. Feedback from inside the company and from medical professionals we are familiar with is useful, but when it comes to decision-making about product introduction, feedback from customers who had actually used the product was essential. The difficult part was making improvements while the number of customers did not quickly increase.

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