Column: A Doctor's Mind 【Part 2】

The second part: From the Everyday Life of a Clinical Doctor

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What If We Incorporate Digital Health into Daily Practice?

In this issue, I would like to share with you that what we could do if we were to incorporate digital health into our daily practice, what we would like to do, and what challenges we face in achieving this goal.

To start with something familiar, an article I wrote on “CureApp SC (Nicotine Addiction Therapeutics App and CO Checker)” by CureApp, Inc. has become quite a hot topic as it is the first application for nicotine addiction treatment that had received regulatory approval in Japan. It is a good match with online medical care. However, some outpatient smoking cessation clinics are currently stopped due to a lack of supply of smoking cessation medications. I hope the supply will be restored soon.

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What I am personally interested in is the introduction of telemedicine into bronchial asthma treatment. Once properly diagnosed and under treatment, bronchial asthma patients are seen every two to three months if they are stable. Respiratory function tests may be occasionally performed, but unless the patient has severe asthma, we will ask about the frequency of symptoms and the presence or absence of attacks between visits. SpO2 will also be measured to determine the stability of bronchial asthma by auscultation and to determine if treatment should be continued or stepped up (treatment intensification) or stepped down (treatment reduction).

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