Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #17)

The second part: Medmain that Creates a World where Necessary Medical Services Can Be Accessed Anywhere, Anytime with AI

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Medmain's Challenges and Future Leap Forward


Source: Medmain Inc.

In the first part, I introduced “PidPort,” a pathology AI analysis solution developed and provided by MedMain. In January of this year, MedMain's paper on the development of pathology AI, which made it possible to detect non-invasive intraductal carcinoma of the breast in digital pathology specimens, was published in Springer Nature's Virchows Archiv. Medmain's technology is receiving a lot of attention. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Osamu Iizuka, the founder, and CEO of Medmain Inc., a few questions, which I would like to share with you below.

Q1. What are the "challenges" that your company is tackling?

Mr. Iizuka: Cancers accounts for the leading causes of death from diseases according to global statistics. In many medical institutions, the number of pathology tests to diagnose cancer is very large and is increasing. On the other hand, there is a chronic shortage of pathologists who perform these diagnoses both in Japan and overseas. In many of the medical institutions, only one pathologist is responsible for diagnosis, resulting in very heavy workload and a large regional disparity.
In addition, many medical facilities outsource pathological diagnosis to other hospitals or clinical laboratories. This causes a long waiting period for diagnosis results, and in some cases, a heavy burden on patients. Given this situation, there is a need to quickly establish a workflow that can realize efficient and prompt pathological diagnosis. To solve these challenges, we provide the Imaging Center service for digitizing pathological specimens, and “PidPort,” a system for storing and managing digital pathological images in the cloud and sharing them among facilities.

Founder & CEO of Medmain Inc., Osamu Iizuka
Source: Medmain Inc.

Q2. Has starting a business in Kyushu had any impact on your business other than the use of university facilities?

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