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NeuroSpace, Eliminating Sleep Anxiety and Creating a Sustainably Developing Society

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Providing Sleep Improvement Programs that Seek Structural Solutions

In recent years, we have often heard about corporate Health and Productivity Management (hereafter, “H&PM”). According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) website, an explanation of H&PM is as follows.
We have explained health management in our previous article on the “Carely” service. According to the METI website, “H&PM” refers to the strategic implementation of health management for employees from a managerial perspective. Based on corporate philosophy, investing in the health of employees and others is expected to increase employee vitality and productivity and other organizational revitalization, resulting in improved business performance and stock price performance. 1)
One of the most important aspects of this health management and health investment is improving sleep.

When examining, patients who come to see me complain of sleep disorders, such as “I can’t sleep at night” or “I wake up in the middle of the night,” unrelated to the original medical examination content. I feel that many patients have problems with sleep. Of course, insomnia is not the only problem. Sleep apnea may also be hidden in some patients. If necessary, we diagnose and treat sleep disorders by measuring oxygen saturation during sleep and performing a precision inspection using polysomnography.

Sleep has the function of recovering from mental and physical fatigue. Insufficient sleep time and deteriorating sleep quality are linked to the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. Therefore, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has advocated the importance of sleep by providing information on sleep measures, including an explanation of the “12 Articles of Sleep “*1 in its “Sleep Guidelines for Health Promotion 2014.” 2)

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With this focus on improving sleep, NeuroSpace Co., Ltd. (hereafter NeuroSpace) is developing its SleepTech business, which uses technology to solve sleep issues.

The company‘s research has shown that approximately 60% of businesspeople of all ages are dissatisfied with their sleep. It is necessary to understand their sleep issues and take appropriate remedial measures for workers to continue working healthily, both mentally and physically. 3)

To solve this problem, NeuroSpace supports corporate H&MP centered on sleep, offering the following three services. 4)

(1)    “Sleep Seminars” for companies
(2)    “My Sleep,” a personalized sleep checkup
(3)    “Sleep Improvement Program”

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(1)    “Sleep Seminars”: It has been offered to over 100 companies and more than 20,000 employees and has received high satisfaction ratings. The price range of 300,000 yen per 60-minute session with no limit on the number of participants is also provided, making it easy for companies to get an estimated image. We find the multi-pronged approach useful, including advice tailored to shift work, how to use sleep techs such as Fitbit, and video content.

(2)    “Personalized Sleep Check ‘My Sleep’”: On this service, employees are given good sleep advice based on their conditions from a five-minute questionnaire response. It is also a friendly way to report the survey results as if you were an animal. The system also feeds back statistical data on lifestyle conditions and problem trends to the company after the sleep report has been implemented, making it easier for management to grasp where and how improvements can be made.

(3)    “Sleep Improvement Program”: In this program, sleepers wear the Fitbit wristwatch-type measurement device to bed to monitor their daily sleep status, which is then analyzed and reported. In addition, there are interventions by professional staff, so the program appears to be effective and fulfilling for those who have difficulty sustaining it independently.

Personalized Sleep Check ‘My Sleep’
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I am very interested in sleep, and I sleep wearing the sleep techs, such as Oura Ring and Apple Watch, to get objective data on my sleep condition. It is vital to have a proper understanding of one’s condition. By looking at objective data, I think, “I should go to bed earlier today.” or, “I haven’t rested a bit lately.” I feel that I have improved my health awareness based on my sleep status. By using NeuroSpace’s service, users can verify objective sleep data, improve their sleep, and increase their health awareness.

NeuroSpace supports H&MP from the perspective of sleep by firmly approaching companies and already has a proven track record with various companies.

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