Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #15)

The second part: Flixy Providing Healthcare at the Best Time from a Doctor's Perspective

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Transformation brought by Flixy's new service “Ishiyaku”

In the first part of this article, I introduced Flixy's "Melp WEB Questionnaire" for medical institutions and "Melp AI Consultation" for general users. In this part, I will begin with a Q&A session with Dr. Kazutaka Yoshinaga, the founder and CEO of Flixy Inc.

Melp WEB Questionnaire
Source: Melp WEB Questionnaire (Flixy Inc.)

Q1. What inspired you to develop a patient-centered service like “Melp,” a web-based medical interview service?

Dr. Yoshinaga: When I was working part-time at a night-time internal medicine clinic, I noticed some issues with paper questionnaires. The clinic used a combination of electronic medical records and paper medical questionnaires. In the case of paper medical questionnaires, the staff scans the questionnaires filled in by the patients and imports them as PDF files into the electronic medical record. After I finished opening the PDF and transcribing the text into the electronic medical record, I would call the patient into the examination room. I thought that if I could eliminate this shared task, I could reduce the waiting time for patients. Please refer to the "Thoughts behind the Melp" here for more details. https://monshin.melp.life/relates/company/

Dr. Kazutaka Yoshinaga, the founder and CEO of Flixy Inc.
Source: Flixy Inc.

Q2. What inspired you to develop services such as "Melp Questionnaire Market" and “Ishiyaku,” designed to support medical treatment and therapy from the perspective of medical providers?

Dr. Yoshinaga: I inspire by the issues I was facing in my daily practice. I develop services because I want to create something that I want to use myself. For example, in the case of “Ishiyaku,” the existing attachment document apps were mainly designed for pharmacists. Although comprehensive, they did not allow doctors to easily search for comparisons between drugs with the same effect or comments from prescribing doctors, which they needed to know the most. It is why I realized that if there were a drug comparison app specifically for doctors who are busy in outpatient clinics, I would want to use it myself.

The screen of drug details in “Ishiyaku.” 
You can immediately check the characteristics of the prescription drug.
Source: Isiyaku (Flixy Inc.)

I was surprised to see that "Ishiyaku", introduced in the latter half of the interview, is “a drug app that specializes in the perspective of doctors' prescriptions.” There have been many drug apps in the past. However, by daring to target the situation and behavior of doctors when prescribing drugs, they focused on ease of comparison rather than comprehensiveness. In addition, the app was designed to be action-oriented, allowing doctors to make decisions in a short time.

When I first contacted this drug app, it was just after its release, and there were some drug comments that specialists thought should be slightly changed or added. However, I remember feeling that there was a lot of room for development in this application because it contains information on how to use drugs in actual clinical settings and cautions that cannot be experienced by just looking at the DI (Drug Information).

In addition, Dr. Yoshinaga, the company’s CEO, is continuously updating the app to make it better. His efforts and actions to make the product better can be seen in the improvements of the product. I believe that his willingness to honestly take advice on improving the product and immediately make improvements has also led to the increase in the number of users.

Comments from medical specialists for all of the drugs listed on “Ishiyaku.”
Source: Isiyaku (Flixy Inc.)

As a user of Medical Doctors, we are especially interested in the actual feeling of use. The specialists on “Ishiyaku” are not writing plain vanilla comments explained in textbooks about each drug, but valuable words with Medical Doctor’s tangible perspective, such as how to use it and what to pay attention to. For this reason, the site is expected to attract many more users in the future. I will keep an eye on Flixy's technology, which is always on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things.



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