Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #5)

The second part: AMI to conduct research and development of Super Stethoscope and remote auscultation system

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Super Stethoscope for telemedicine and digital health

How did I, a clinician, come to know about AMI? It was because of “COVID-19,” which is currently raging around the world, including in Japan. Around March of last year, we started accepting COVID-19 patients at our hospital. It was an unknown viral infection, and I remember that we started treating anxiety, especially in the first case, due to confusion in the field. Since the hospital had started accepting COVID-19 patients, children of our staff were refused admission by kindergartens and nursery schools even though they were not involved in the treatment. And the whole hospital was becoming a gloomy, misty atmosphere. It is also undeniable that there was discrimination within the hospital because only some staff were involved in COVID-19 treatment.

Source: AMI Inc.

In the first wave of the disease, we received many requests for hospitalization one after another. Not only minor cases but also moderate cases of patients were transferred from other hospitals. And even fulminant patients that became serious the day after admission and required artificial respiration management. In such a situation, we were exhausted and anxious before the acceptance was ready.

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