Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #14)

The first part: Flixy Providing Healthcare at the Best Time from a Doctor's Perspective

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“Melp WEB Questionnaire” and “Melp AI Consultation” Solve Problems in the Medical Field

In this 14th part of a series of “Japanese Startup Technologies Introduced by Clinicians,” I will introduce services that Flixy Inc. provides, such as “Melp WEB Questionnaire” for medical institutions and “Melp AI Consultation” for general users.

Services provided by Flixy
Source: Flixy Inc.

You may have heard of “Melp” more often than the company’s name “Flixy.” “Melp” is a web-based medical questionnaire system that can be linked to all electronic medical records and has been introduced in over 1000 medical institutions.

Many medical institutions now have electronic medical records, but patients who come to the hospital for the first time are usually given a paper medical questionnaire. In actual clinical, however, patients are generally given a paper medical questionnaire when they come to the hospital for the first time. The questionnaire contents are often reviewed before the consultation and entered into the electronic medical record if necessary. In some cases, the paper medical questionnaire is scanned into the electronic medical record, but in the end, the critical information is rewritten in the medical history. In many cases, it is necessary to ask the same questions again during the consultation because the medical questionnaire is inadequate.

The linkage between web-based medical questionnaire system and electronic medical record
Source: Melp WEB Questionnaire (Flixy Inc.)

One of the reasons it is difficult to spend time listening to patients and examining them is that writing down their medical records takes time.

By using the “Melp WEB Questionnaire,” the questionnaire’s content can be smoothly incorporated into the patient's medical record, leading to a reduction in the amount of time spent listening to their conditions and spending more time on the examination. This flow will ultimately lead to higher patient satisfaction.

Melp WEB Questionnaire (Japanese)
Source: Melp WEB Questionnaire (Flixy Inc.)

Flixy is also providing a “Melp AI Consultation” service. In my previous article, I introduced Ubie's AI consultation service, and Flixie also offers a service that uses QA from the doctor's point of view to determine the department and timing of consultation. The service asks a question about the patient's symptoms in about a minute via chat, displays the department and urgency level, and tells you when to see the doctor. Melp's cute mascot is also very friendly.

Example of the “Melp AI Consultation” service screen
Source: Melp AI Consultation (Flixy Inc.)

In the first part of this article, I introduced the foundation of Flixy, mainly the “Melp WEB-based Medical Questionnaire” and the “Melp AI Consultation” service. Dr. Yoshinaga, the CEO of Flixy Inc., has solved the problems he felt in his practice as a doctor by developing his services. As a Doctor, I respect him for his energy.

We Doctors should not complain to others about the problems and dissatisfaction we feel in medicine but should solve them.

In the following article, I will introduce another new service, the drug app for doctors, “Ishiyaku.” 

(To be continued next part)


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