Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #11)

The second part: Antaa, aiming for boundaryless healthcare

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Evolving services and future challenges


Source: Antaa Inc.

In the first part of this series, my user experience of “Antaa Slide” developed to the question about Antaa’s services. Then this leads a question to Dr. Nakayama, the CEO of Antaa Inc. "So far, your services have evolved from "Antaa QA": Online Discussion Forum for doctors revealing their real names, "Antaa Channel": Study rooms from video contents, "Antaa Slide": Slide share service, and "Antaa Academia". What was the inspiration for the development of these services?"
The answer was as follows.

"Initially, "Antaa Slide" was the beginning of Antaa. The idea was to create an opportunity for physicians who work in an environment where they cannot go to workshops due to physical or time constraints to obtain information. However, I could not get sympathy when I started "Antaa Slide" and "Antaa QA" to provide consultation services for orthopedic surgeons as I thought about what value I could provide.”

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