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Japanese Drug Pricing System and Patient's Access to New Drugs

  Japan has a universal health care insurance system, and all the people in Japan are enrolled in public medical insurance. It is a system which allows patients to freely choose hospital and doctor at their own discretion yet receive high-level medical care at a low patient's cost. The drug prices to be reimbursed by medical insurance are determined by the government, and will be revised periodically to control medical expenses after marketed. There are various rules set for this drug price system, as outlined below:


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Vol. 92 (Issued at 2023/07/25)

ジャーナル92号のトピックは、Sky Labs (韓国発スマートリング)、DUOS (高齢者のSDoHアンメットニーズ)、Uber Health (OTC医薬品の配送)、Hyro (ChatGPT基盤のコールセンターサービス) など

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