Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #7)

The second part: TXP Medical aims to build a next-generation emergency medical system

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Provision of a COVID-19 information sharing system and support through medical data that can be utilized in the field

Source: TXP Medical Co. Ltd.

TXP Medical not only develops products and provides services, but also has an academic research division, TXP Research, which is one of the few research organizations in the world. Students and doctors from all over the country gather here to conduct medical research based on the desire to “contribute to emergency medicine and change the world.” They also contribute academically through conference presentations and research paper presentations.  The goal is not just to make a presentation but also to be aware of how to use the findings to change medical care in the field and work based on their research results.

TXP Research has the following three missions.

  1. To contribute to the academic world by building a system and research environment where high-quality data can be naturally collected, and clinical research can be continuously conducted.
  2. To scientifically evaluate the value of medical care by not only conducting research using data, but also implementing the obtained knowledge in society through products.
  3. To build a clinical research network by learning epidemiology, statistics, AI (machine learning, natural language processing), and building a team that can play an active role globally.

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