Maki Otsuka, M.D.

Clinical Doctor Nephrologist

Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine. Physician, Doctor of Medicine. Doctorate received for the research on acute kidney injury in mice. Specializes in nephrology and dialysis. After working at a university hospital in Tokyo, she is currently living in the U.S. due to her husband's work. While raising her two daughters, aged two and four, she writes and supervises medical-related articles, supervises medical videos, collects medical information for corporate strategy, and produces medical contents.

Doctor of Medicine, Specialist in General Internal Medicine, Specialist in Nephrology, Specialist in Dialysis.

Talent & Interest:
Talent: Looking at things positively. Interest: Entertaining my daughters.

Digital Health
U.S. eHealth Journal

Vol. 75 (Issued at 2022/11/22)

ジャーナル77号のトピックは、Theranica(ニューロモジュレーションによる片頭痛治療)、TrialSpark(臨床試験被験者登録支援)、Rock Health(投資トレンド分析)、Ro(DTCテレヘルス) など

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