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Digital Health from a Healthcare Perspective (Part 4)

FRONTEO Aims to Develop the World's First Linguistic AI Medical Device

FRONTEO is developing a “conversational dementia diagnostic support AI program” that screens for cognitive dysfunction using AI and natural language. This program is the first linguistic AI program medical device in Japan, and clinical trials started in April 2021. Mr. Keisuke Harada, who has ten years of experience in pharmaceutical clinical development, will explain this AI program.

Mr. Keisuke Harada


Digital health from a healthcare perspective (Part 1)

Implementation Challenges for online medication counseling in Japan

We've launched a new project, "Digital Health from the Healthcare Field," in which writers with experience in the medical field explain their views on digital health from the field. In the first installment, Mr. Yasukuni Hirose, a pharmacist writer, will discuss “Implementation Challenges for online medication counseling in Japan.” 

Yasukuni Hirose


Technology of Japanese start-up featured by doctors (Series #1)

CureApp SC, the first Nicotine Addiction Therapeutics App receives regulatory approval in Japan

Nicotine Addiction treatment realizes telemedicine and digital healt

Dr. Shinpaku, an internist specializing in respiratory medicine and infectious diseases, writes a new series of columns featuring innovative technologies from Japanese startups. In the first of the series, he focuses on CureApp's Nicotine Addiction Therapeutics App.

Dr. Shinpaku

Digital Health
U.S. eHealth Journal

Vol. 70 (Issued at 2022/08/09)

ジャーナル70号のトピックは、デジタルセラピューティクス DTx の Sidekick (乳癌)、Twill (多発性硬化症)、Swing Therapeutics (線維筋痛症)。JMIR論文(デジタルヘルス開発の臨床的堅牢性) 、など

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LSMIP Editorial Office


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Dr. Shinpaku


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Megumi Kamo DDS, PhD.


The Second Part: TechDoctor Moving Toward an Era Where Data Improves “Wellness”

Dr. Shinpaku

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