Physicians' Expectations of DX in Clinical Practice (Series #4)

The second part: Diagnostic imaging system to assist the diagnosis of physicians

AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Clinical Doctor, Examination and Diagnosis, Patient data

CT Image Reading Assistance: Impressions and expectations of medical professionals who use the products

CT examinations are an inseparable part of clinical practice. However, few doctors have systematically studied how to read CT images. CT images are read by specialists in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology. They examine images cross-sectional because of the diversity of appearance (findings), and those multiple organs are examined. In recent years, novice doctors have been required to rotate through various departments for two years as part of their initial training. Still, many hospitals do not require training in diagnostic radiology. In addition, only hospitals of a specific size are staffed with specialists in diagnostic radiology. Hence the hospitals, that reading images through the night are quite large, while hospitals in remote areas and small and medium-sized hospitals do not have full-time specialists in the first place. Since emergency patients come to hospitals in remote areas, even at night or on holidays, the reality is that in many hospitals, the doctor on duty somehow confirms that there is no abnormality in the CT images of non-specialized fields.


Image recognition and AI are a good match; hence the AI-powered Image Reading Assistance is rapidly evolving in Japan and worldwide.
The medical industry in Japan has already taken up applications such as assisting diagnosis in endoscopy and software for detecting brain aneurysms. In this article, I would like to discuss the fields that I would like to see further developed from the perspective of a general internist.

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