Internists' Expectations of DX in Clinical Practice (Series #2)

The second part: Diagnostic aid software for physicians

Examination and Diagnosis, Clinical Doctor, AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning), Patient data

Anticipated Problems

Problems in electronic medical records and software development
Electronic medical records in Japan are not compatible with each other, and companies are competing with each other, and even the collection of big data is not the same. When developing new software, it may be necessary to tie up with one of the electronic medical record companies.

Problems in Data Extraction
An article in Nature in 2019 points out that the problems are in extracting data from electronic medical records. It noted that extraction becomes difficult when physical findings and various data are not entered in a predetermined format but are described as text or images. As far as this article is concerned, whether or not to use a diagnostic aid is a matter for the individual physician, and it is up to the individual to make an effort to enter the data in a format or not. If the management encourages staff to use it as a medical safety measure to prevent oversight, it will be necessary to create a particular routine.


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