Physicians' Expectations of DX in Clinical Practice (Series #1)

The first part: Diagnostic aid software for physicians

Patient data, Clinical Doctor, Examination and Diagnosis, Ubie, AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)

Expectations for digital technology to assist diagnosis

There is a condition called hyponatremia. Normally, our body contains a concentration of sodium (salt) of 135-145 mEq/L, which is strictly regulated by hormones and kidneys. If this level drops due to some disease, it can lead to loss of consciousness or even death in the worst case. I work as a general physician in a medium-sized hospital, and although I do not specialize in this disease, I come across it about once every two months. While recalling my memory, I perform tests such as blood sampling and look at medical books to diagnose. Each test has a standard value to reach a diagnosis, and I check it against the standard value, but I do not remember the value for each test. As I deal with a wide range of diseases, I can only remember the bare minimum. Whenever I open a medical book, I always feel the same way. If I had a computer with an algorithm in my medical record, I would not have to look at medical books every time.

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