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September 09, 2019
CM Plus Singapore Pte. Ltd.

CM Plus has launched a new service “Life-Science Matching Initiative Platform” to support international business development of U.S. and Japanese life science companies.

(September 09 2019, Singapore)  CM Plus Singapore Pte. Ltd., the holding company of CM Plus Group (Tsunehiro Togashi, Managing Director. & Group CEO) and CM Plus Corporation, Japan (Tetsuo Fujioka, President) have launched on 9th September 2019 a new service called “Life-Science Matching Initiative Platform” (LSMIP), to bridge the outbound businesses between U.S. and Japanese companies in the life-science industries including drug manufacturing, regenerative medicines, medical devices, and digital healthcare.

  In parallel, LSMIP portal site(https://www.lsmip.com/)has begun its free service to provide abundant information of both US and Japanese markets such as regulatory updates, news articles of current issues and new technologies reviews with reference to U.S. and Japanese excellent ventures/enterprizes. Simultaneously, the yearly-paid subscription service named “U.S. eHealth Journal” (in the Japanese language only) has begun to provide on a regularly basis up-to-date news articles with the focus on the digital health technologies and business trend in the U.S.

米国市場向けパーソナライズ・コンテンツ  日本市場向けパーソナライズ・コンテンツ

  All the companies from the U.S. and Japan aiming at the overseas markets will be firmly supported by CM Plus and its “TrustNetwork” to be met with suitable consultants and/or partners of credible track records.

+ BioJapan 2019, Exhibition and presentation
For your better envision of the concrete business schemes and prospects owing to the LSMIP service launched, CM Plus is planning to make presentations during the BioJapan 2019 (https://www.ics-expo.jp/biojapan/ja/) from 9th through 11th October. 
Please visit us in the Booth #D-21 and the following presentation sessions:

  Time:  10th Thursday 16:10 – 16:40 at Exhibitor’s Stage II
  Subject: Entry to the US Market for Life-Science companies – 
           What can LSMIP do for you? 
           by Mr. Koichi GOTO, CM Plus
・ 11日(金) 15:30-16:00、於・Exhibitor's Stage Ⅰ
  「LSMIP TrustNetwork 「Drug Delivery Experts」サービス紹介」
  Drug Delivery Experts, LLC. 社 社長 Christopher Rhodes

+ Services from LSMIP
 -  Support to R&D for API Seeds 
 -  Support and coordination for CRO selection
 -  Support and coordination for CMO selection
 -  Support for NDA and IND
 -  Other regulatory affairs investigations
 -  Support for Supplier Audits
 -  Facility engineering
 -  GMP/QMS consulting
 -  Support for importation/exportation of products
 -  Support to business association and M&A
 -  Support to marketing and market survey
 -  Support to business strategy planning
 -  Support for recruitment and staffing
 -  Support for the establishment of new companies
 -  Introduction of Digital Health Technology and Business

+ U.S. eHealth Journal
News articles of up-to-date technologies, business trends, regulatory affairs, etc. concerning the digital healthcare in the USA will be distributed every two weeks. You can subscribe to the U.S. eHealth Journal now via “Application for Subscription” (https://www.lsmip.com/journal/subscription/).
Keywords for article classification:
Regulatory/Government, Diagnosis/Inspection/Estimate, Wellness/Physical Therapy, R&D, Venture Capital Investment, Statistics/Risk Forecast, Digital Therapeutics, Medical Device, Medical Records/Patient Monitoring, Speech Technology, Wearable, Tele-health, Medical communication

+ Inquiry
Please make inquiries by e-mail or telephone as follows:
eMail:  info@limip.com
Tel  :  +81 45-514-3339

+ Company Overview

- CM Plus Singapore Pte. Ltd.
The holding company of CM Plus Group based in Singapore, and the owner of LIMIP entrusting a part of LSMIP operation to CM Plus Corporation in Japan.

- CM Plus Corporation
CM Plus Corporation is a subsidiary company of CM Plus Singapore Pte. Ltd. located in Japan being one of the largest-scaled management and consulting firms in Japan specialized in the life-science such as life-science facility engineering, GMP consulting, regulatory affairs, GMP training & life-time educational supports, and provision of various supports for overseas business development. It is the owner of a web portal site named “GMP Platform”, which is dedicated to over 13,500 free subscribers for obtaining self-learning knowledge and educational data.

Home Page    : https://cm-plus.co.jp/
GMP Platform : https://www.gmp-platform.com/


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