Digital Health from a Healthcare Perspective (Part 8)

The First Part: Tapping into the Challenges of Diabetes and Lifestyle Management, Health2Sync

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Services Highly Effective in Linking Lifestyle and Daily Medical Care

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“Health2Sync” Source: Health2Sync

Lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise, are essential for treating diabetes. However, many patients are so busy with their daily lives that self-management becomes a secondary concern, and symptoms gradually worsen. In many cases, blood pressure diaries and blood glucose monitoring charts are still managed by hand by medical institutions, making it difficult to accurately grasp the status of diet, exercise, and medications.

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of attempts to improve lifestyle by linking the Personal Health Record (PHR), which records lifestyle, with daily diabetes care using a smartphone-based application. At the 65th Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society in 20221) , there was a poster session on PHRs and IoT. It is expected that more evidence for diabetes treatment using PHRs will be accumulated.

In this issue, I will introduce “Health2Sync,” a health support application and “Health2Sync Platform,” a cloud service that can be managed by medical institutions, to solve health issues for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases and people with pre-diabetic lifestyle-related diseases (pre-symptomatic state).

“Health2Sync Platform” and “Health2Sync Application” Source: Health2Sync

It Manages Blood Glucose and Insulin Dosage
“Health2Sync” is a PHR application with 950,000 users worldwide, including Japan and Taiwan, and about 320,000 users in Japan. There are some applications that can record daily measurement data, such as blood pressure weight and blood glucose, as well as daily activities such as diet, exercise, and medications. However, “Health2Sync” can also record “blood glucose level trends” and “timing and number of units of insulin dosing” for diabetes patients. Furthermore, by introducing the “Health2Sync Platform” at medical institutions, data entered by patients in “Health2Sync” will be shared in the cloud and can be viewed at any time. Since “Health2Sync” will also link diet and exercise records, it will be possible to have a more intensive relationship with patients. It will replace the situation in which nutritional guidance and medical treatment were conducted while looking at handwritten self-management notebooks*1 and imagining the patient's life.

“Meals (photos and food ingredients) and the number of insulin units and blood glucose fluctuations are displayed on the same screen” and “Diary Comparison” 
Source: Health2Sync

More Convenient with Many Compatible Devices
“Health2Sync” has data syncing with various devices that can be supported*2. Patients on insulin-based therapy have their blood glucose measured once to four times daily. Medical institutions lend blood glucose meters, but “Health2Sync” has equipment that can be linked to more than ten different types of blood glucose meters. In addition, many blood pressure meters and scales are also compatible.

In addition, it can be linked to Fitbit®︎, Apple Healthcare®︎, and Google Fit®︎, so it is possible to connect fitness data, including heart rate, sleep, and exercise, to blood glucose levels with just one device.2) Since it is only possible to hear directly from patients themselves about exercise and sleep in daily medical care, we can expect to be able to share more convincing data on the “relationship between lifestyle activities and blood glucose levels” with patients. Individual data, previously managed by apps for each device, will be integrated by “Health2Sync,” and medical institutions will be able to handle this data in real-time from the “Health2Sync Platform.”

“Data Syncing” Source: Health2Sync

In the next issue, I will introduce more specialized aspects of blood glucose management with “Health2Sync” that can be linked.

(To be continued to the next issue)


*1 self-management notebook
Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care 

*2 Data Syncing
  Health2Sync, https://www.health2sync.com/compatibility


1) The 65th Annual Meeting of the Japan Diabetes Society, https://site.convention.co.jp/65jds/en/

2) H2 Inc. 「シンクヘルスとつながる!連携可能機器のご紹介」https://www.health2sync.com/ja/company/wp-content/uploads/how-to-sync-meter-app.pdf

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