A Doctor of Medicine Explains Rehabilitation and Digital Technology (Part 4)

The Second Part: MELTIN's Robotic Neurorehabilitation for the Fingers

Wellness and Exercise therapy, Medical devices, AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)

Performances and Clinical Research for Rehabilitation System “MELTz”


“MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System” Source: MELTIN

MELTIN MMI (hereinafter “MELTIN”) announced on June 15 that it has obtained a Class II medical devices marketing license and Class II medical device approvalfor its "MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System. Thus, it will enable the company to design, jointly develop with Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. and manufacture and sell the "MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System" medical device.ice.

What Can the MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System Do?
The “MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System” developed by MELTIN, is a medical device that supports hand movement training using rehabilitation methods based on neuroscience. The AI analyzes bio-signals to read how hemiplegic stroke patients want to move their hands and assist their finger movements according to their intentions.

“MELTz Technology” Source: MELTIN

In neurorehabilitation, moving paralyzed fingers on one's own is the most important in improving function, but also the most difficult. Depending on the severity of the paralysis, training starts with finger bending and stretching exercises such as “opening and closing hands” and expands to exercises that require more complex movements and speed as the paralysis recovers. In practice, however, the training varies depending on the therapist's ability and experience, resulting in different recovery levels. Therefore, it is thought that by having AI analyze and assist the patient’s intended movements, training would be based on objective data, allowing the patient to make the most of the patient's abilities.

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“Rehabilitation with MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System” 
Source: MELTIN

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