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Fujifilm's portable ultrasound iViz air exceeds 1,000 units sold in Japan in 18 months.

Source : "富士フイルムのポータブル超音波「国内販売1000台超」発売1.5年で  アプリ機能の追加で普及加速を目指す" issued on ME Journal July 12nd.

Fujifilm's portable ultrasound "iViz air" exceeds 1,000 units sold in Japan in 18 months.
Planning to add more assistive functions through applications.

Fujifilm (FUJIFILM Corporation)'s iViz air, a wireless portable ultrasound system, is selling well, with cumulative domestic sales of over 1,000 units in 18 months since its launch in October 2019. iViz air is responding in detail to the needs of home medical care, including an assist function by AI technology to automatically measure urine volume in bladder. In the future, Fujifilm plans to add a variety of assistive functions through applications, making it easier for non-specialized medical professionals to use the system and promoting more to be used. The sales target for the next year has been set at 1,000 units.

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