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Mabuchi Motor makes full-scale entry into the medical equipment business. Acquisition of a Swiss company with a 70% share of the ventilator motor market

Source : "マブチモーターが医療機器事業に本格参入" issued on ME Journal June 28th.

 MABUCHI MOTOR CO., LTD. (“MabuchiMotor”), which has a global market share in small motors, will acquire all shares of Electromag SA (“Electromag”), a Switzerland company that manufactures brushless motors for use in ventilators, early next month and will enter the medical equipment business in earnest. Electromag has a 70% share of the global market for motors for ventilators used in medical institutions.

Motors for automobiles account for more than 70%.
 Mabuchi Motor is a Japanese company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange specializing in small motors, and its consolidated sales for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020 will be approximately 116.4 billion yen, of which 72.8% will come from "automotive electronic devices" used for power windows and mirrors of automobiles, and 27.2% from "consumer and business equipment. In its mid-term management plan, which ends in 2023, the company has set a long-term goal of increasing the ratio of consumer and business equipment while...

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