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Adding an Alert Function - The Direction of the Operation of Electronic Prescription

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【MHLW Joint Meeting】 
Adding an Alert Function - The Direction of the Operation of Electronic Prescription

November 11th, 2020

On the 6th, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare showed their intent to add an alert function to the system regarding electronic prescription, set to start operations in 2022, which checks overlapping medications and drug interactions, etc. based on prescription and dispending information, to the joint meeting of “the Health, Medical Care, Nursing Care Information Utilization Review Meeting” and Task Force.  There were no opposing opinions from the committee, and at subsequent meetings, they plan on considering the structure and rules on inquiring a prescription question in case a prescription question is raised when the alert is issued on the electronic prescription system. Regarding electronic prescriptions, construction of a structure with systems such as online license as their foundation is in progress.  At the joint meeting on that day, the details of the points issued at each occasion for the operation of electronic prescriptions were organized and operational images were shown, with modifications of receipt computer systems at medical institutions and pharmacies set for next year.

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