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Medley and DOCOMO Offer Free Online Medical System

Source : “メドレーとドコモ オンライン診療システムを無償提供  新型コロナの自宅療養者増を受け 蔓延防止に貢献” issued on ME Journal Aug. 23th 2021

Medley and DOCOMO Offer Free Online Medical System
Contributing to the prevention of the Covid-19 spread in response to the increase of home care patients

  On August 20th, Medley (Medley, Inc.), providing online medical care and medical human resource service, announced online medical care system for Covid-19 Home care patients, in collaboration with NTT DOCOMO (NTT DOCOMO, INC.) and NTT Communications (NTT Communications Corporation).  Medley allied NTT DOCOMO and NTT Communication with capital involvement. The medical institution will send SMS with a URL for online medical treatment to the patient, and the patient will be able to start online medical treatment by simply clicking on the delivered URL to its smartphone.

  With the Covid-19’s spread, the overnight patients staying at home or in hotels are...

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