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Astellas Pharma has launched an AI-implemented ECG "automatic analysis service"

Source : "アステラス AI実装の心電図「自動解析サービス」開始  薬と異分野の技術融合した新ビジネス「第一号案件」" issued on ME Journal July 19th.

Astellas Pharma has launched an AI-implemented ECG "automatic analysis service" 
as the "first project" of a new business that combines medicine and technologies from different fields.

Astellas Pharma Inc. (Astellas), a major pharmaceutical company in Japan, and Emhart, a medical venture company, started offering a "Holter ECG automatic analysis service" on the cloud, using their proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) technology on July 15. The two companies say that they have "achieved efficient and highly accurate automatic analysis of ECG data" by providing the service using AI technology. The price and sales target of the service are not disclosed. Astellas focuses on developing the "Rx+ business," which combines its prescription drug business (Rx) with advanced technologies from different fields, into its future core business, and this service is the first project to be commercialized.

The two companies have jointly...

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