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Drug Product Development Contract R&D Services From Research to Clinical and Commercialization
Drug Delivery Experts, LLC.
  • Target Market
    Japan, USA, Other Countries
  • Business category
    Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Medical device, Others
  • Business function
    Marketing > Market trend, Regulatory > Regulatory affairs, Engineering, production, GMP > CDMO selection, Business consulting > Licensing, Business consulting > Investment
  • Author
    Chris Rhodes
  • Outline of business
    DDE Labs specializes in drug-device combination product development supporting clients from research to clinical development and commercialization with contracted drug product development R&D services.

    Our team works on injectable products from solution to complex (liposome, suspension, long-acting formulations) including lyophilization, and on alternative delivery systems including nasal, pulmonary, and liquid filled capsule for biologics delivery, and has experience translating delivery technology from research into the clinic and to commercial.

    Each of our experts has more than twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical research, development, and commercialization at pharma and biotech companies and has been in CMC development interacting with research, clinical, and commercial supply chain.

    Our firm provides expert consultancy to facilitate the most effective translation from research through clinical development, with a key focus on integration of the delivery system with the development program to enhance the product profile and maximize commercial potential.
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  • DDE Labs
  • Support from Research to Development & Commercialization
Contact info
11494 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite J, San Diego, CA 92121
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