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BioManufacturing and Quality Solutions
Nelson M Lugo Consulting
  • Target Market
    Japan, USA, Other Countries
  • Business category
    Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Others
  • Business function
    Clinical development > CRO selection, Engineering, production, GMP > , Business consulting >
  • Author
    Nelson M Lugo
  • Outline of business
    Nelson M Lugo Consulting provides Quality Manufacturing Solutions to large and small organizations. Mr. Lugo has worked in process scale-up, development and manufacturing of products derived from multiple sources including plasma proteins, recombinant antigens, antibodies, synthetic peptides and small molecules. He has managed the technology transfer of products from R&D into the Commercial space as well as overseen multiple contract CMOs and CDMOs for DS (API) and DP Drug Product, fill/finish operations including vial, cartridges, syringes, pen assembly and secondary packaging sites
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