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Strategic Health Sciences Consulting
Berea BioVentures, LLC
  • Target Market
  • Business category
    Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Regerative medicine, Medical device
  • Business function
    Marketing > Market trend, Marketing > Marketing strategy, Business consulting > Licensing, Business consulting > M&A, Business consulting > Investment
  • Author
    Joachim Osther
  • Outline of business
    Berea BioVentures is a privately held life sciences firm with expertise in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Located in the heart of Southern California's 'Biotech Beach', Berea is comprised of in-house expertise as well as consultant networks that spans several critical functional areas. Berea’s primary consulting services are in support of asset valuation and business development (for Discovery through Phase III) and strategic commercial consulting for product launch and in-line marketing (for Approval through ongoing Commercialization). For a list of clients hired by Berea, please visit
Contact info
12377 Reata Court, San Diego, California, 92128 USA
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