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Next-generation TCR/BCR repertoire analysis & Neoepitope Analysis

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    Japan, USA, Other countries
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    Clinical development > Data management, Regulatory > New Drug Application, Regulatory > Pharmacovigilance, Engineering, production, GMP > CDMO selection, Business consulting > Licensing
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    "Eiichi Yamaguchi, Ph.D." of "Repertoire Genesis Inc. / レパトア・ジェネシス株式会社"
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  Repertoire Genesis, Inc is a biotech company providing a next-generation TCR/BCR repertoire analysis with unbiased PCR and novel bioinformatics software originally developed by us. This technology makes it possible to accurately evaluate diversity and specify for evaluation of treatment effects by cancer immune cell therapy, bone marrow transplantation, or immune check point inhibitors. Our platform technologies can be used for development of promising advanced medical technologies such as TCR gene therapy, CAR-T therapy, antibody drug development, and immune cell therapy with neoantigen.
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