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Selection of API CDMO - Part 3/3

The primary objective of this article is to introduce the reader to the process of identifying, selecting, negotiating, implementing and managing API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) CMOs or CDMOs.
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    Japan, USA, Other countries
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    Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Others
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    "Nelson M Lugo" of "Nelson M Lugo Consulting"
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Selection of API CDMOs – Part 3
Nelson M. Lugo, Owner and Principle Consultant of Nelson M Lugo Consultants
19 August 2019

  This is Part 2 of a Series of 3 segments outlining the pivotal phases in securing the right CDMO API partner with due diligence for long term success.  Following the article "Selection of API CDMO - Part 2/3", the steps and stages that will be covered in this Part include;  marked up in bold below.

(Table of content)
Part 1
    - The Teams
    - Stage 1 - Planning and Organization
Part 2
    - Stage 2 - Select
    - Stage 3 - Negotiate
Part 3
    - Stage 4 - Implement
    - Stage 5 - Manage
    - Expected Deliverables
    - Timeline


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