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About LIP. Yokohama

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    Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Digital health, Others
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    Marketing > , Regulatory > New Drug Application, Engineering, production, GMP > CDMO selection, Business consulting >
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    "Life Innovation Promotion Division Economic Affairs Bureau City of Yokohama" of "LIP Yokohama / LIP横浜"
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  Yokohama City Government has one of the major Bio Clusters in Japan, called Life Innovative Platform, or LIP Yokohama. It promotes innovation in the health and medical field. Also, it supports SMEs to commercialize their innovative products and invites foreign SMEs, which is interested in conducting the health and medical R&D in Japan.
  Here Is an introductory information of LIP Yokohama.


  Life Innovation Platform YOKOHAMA (LIP. Yokohama) is designed so that the City of Yokohama can collaborate with the industry, academic institutions, the government, and financial institutions in order to continuously support innovation in the health & medical* fields in Yokohama. Through this platform, a network of enterprises, universities, and research institutes develops innovative projects. At the same time, LIP. Yokohama supports the commercialization of small, medium-sized, and venture enterprises, and promotes the development of new technologies and products.

  LIP Yokohama performs the following support.
- Formation of a network of collaborating organizations
- Creation of new projects Support for SMEs' and venture companies' commercialization of their products
- Promotion of the development of new technologies and products

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  Yokohama City focused on the possibility of the life science field early, and has been working on the maintenance of research environment and project support of companies and research institutes utilizing comprehensive special zone system. In order to continue to create innovations in health and medical fields from Yokohama in the future, we will combine the power of many companies, universities and research institutes, create a place to share new ideas, and was born from that There is a need for a mechanism to steadily develop ideas. For this reason, we have launched this platform.
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